Hot Guys in Period Costume

Does just what it says on the label

I don’t get into the recommendation game much, but you could do worse things than to follow Woodburning. He posts photos of tweed and misty English countrysides. Especially if you’re done with this summer business and are ready for autumn.



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Jessica Chastain & Tom Hiddleston in the set for Crimson Peak an upcoming film directed by Guillermo del Toro and written by del Toro, Matthew Robbins and Lucinda Coxon. || Edit by me

The clothes 

This was the StuntWife and I at the symphony last week.

Well, if Loki looked like a hedgehog with a nosering.

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That’s the scene, for me, that was the most romantic, just because of it’s simplicity. There are very, very few dialogue lines. It’s all about just their physical presence, and him seeing her, and needing to take her home. I mean, it still makes me tingle.

- Richard Armitage

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